When it comes to buying a new car, people often consider price or performance, but there’s so much more involved in choosing the perfect car.

Is there such a thing as ‘the perfect car’? Well, no. But there is the perfect car for you. We all live different lives and we all want different things from our cars. Quite simply, one size does not fit all.

But of course you can pick the perfect car for your needs, and that’s where you should begin – with your lifestyle and your requirements.


Maybe you are a typical family – a couple with two children? Or perhaps you’re young and single and still have hair through which the wind from a roof-down convertible can blow. You might be a retiree who wants a solid and reliable car that will see you well into your winter years. Do you go camping every weekend, or just use your car to slog along the motorway to work and back? Are you a city dweller, or do you live in the bush and use plenty of dirt roads?

Think about all those factors that are unique to you and narrow the choice down to a handful of specific cars.


Clearly price will be a consideration, so group together like-priced vehicles. And think about servicing – do you have a dealer near you, is the car known to be reliable, and is it easy to get parts? Are parts prices expensive?

Compare a few items including fuel pump, brake pads, windscreen, because all these will also factor into the cost of annual insurance costs – generally the more expensive the replacement parts, the more expensive the insurance cover.

Many new car buyers agonise about the fuel economy of their car, and that’s fair enough – either petrol or diesel tend to make a dent in the monthly pay packet – but don’t get too hung up about fuel costs because it’s the servicing and parts, coupled with insurance and depreciation, that form the bulk of the cost of running any car.


Safety is also something to consider, though most of today’s cars are very safe indeed, but look for ABS anti-lock brakes as standard, traction control on front wheel drive cars, and stability control, and the more airbags the better.


Warranties – the longer the warranty the better, but always check the conditions attached to warranties – who needs to service the car, for example, to keep the warranty valid – and does it cover major parts like the drivetrain for a set number of kilometres or for the life of the warranty.

Extended warranties are often worth considering too, but read the small print carefully because sometimes the extended version is not a manufacturer warranty, but rather added on by the dealer and the conditions may be more onerous and cover not quite so robust. 


When you have all those areas ticked off, you will need to test drive the cars on your shortlist. That might seem obvious but it is amazing how few people drive the new car they end up buying. By the time you get to the test drive stage, hopefully you have whittled the choice down to between three and five cars, tops.


Once you’ve found the car of your dreams, you need to be able to purchase it – but, also, know that you are getting the best deal on your Car Loan.

Determine how much you can realistically afford each month and remember to give yourself a buffer. Use a car loan calculator to help you work out the figures.

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The information provided above is general in nature, and the examples detailed are provided for illustrative purposes only. Loan applications received are subject to Defence Bank’s lending criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply and are available upon request. Please refer to defencebank.com.au for current rates. Defence Bank ABN 57 087 651 385 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 234582

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