Women & Leadership Australia – Developing Australia’s female leaders

Women & Leadership Australia is a national initiative dedicated to supporting a higher representation of female leadership throughout the Australian workforce and the broader community.

Focused on developing leadership capability, enabling career progression and assisting women to more effectively manage the opposing challenges of career and life, WLA has become a highly regarded provider of leadership education to Australian women.

Through a powerful national network, Women & Leadership Australia regularly connects with thousands of individuals, providing on-going support and advice at every stage of their leadership journey.




Women & Leadership Australia delivers a highly regarded suite of professional development programs throughout both metropolitan and regional Australia. Based on extensive research and in-depth consultations with many thousands of past attendees, each program responds to the challenges faced by women at different points on their leadership journey.

WLA programs are designed to facilitate high levels of interaction and connection. By actively encouraging participants to connect deeply and purposefully with each other, WLA is developing a widespread national culture of women supporting women.

Whilst the building of personal leadership capability remains the central theme of all WLA programs, other elements, vital for both career and life contentment, are also considered.

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