There are 3.6 million Australians aged over 65 and today’s aged care services workforce of 350,000 needs to triple by 2050 to serve the increasing demand for care.

Working in aged care is a great career choice offering flexibility, career development and job security.

Not-for-profit organisation, Benetas – a Working Mothers Connect employer of choice – absolutely fits the bill and have recently joined our Best Places To Work recognition program.

Benetas has been recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality since 2007 and has just received accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace.

Benetas have been acknowledged as an employer that takes active and effective steps to stop violence. In the workplace, we know that violence can prevent our people doing the best they can at work by impacting health, wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

Over the past 18 months, this has included:

  • Inviting Benetas staff with a call to action to take the White Ribbon oath
  • Helping team members experiencing domestic or family violence through their Support for Family Violence policy and support services such as 1800 RESPECT and Safe Steps
  • Reviewing Benetas policies and procedures to strengthen support for domestic and Family Violence including 5 days exceptional circumstances leave
  • Conducting staff awareness and education sessions about domestic and family violence
  • Training Managers in how to Recognise, Respond and Refer in cases of domestic or family violence
  • Supporting the White Ribbon campaign through fundraising events and the sale of badges at Benetas Residential facilities
  • Encouraging people to register to sell white ribbons in our workplaces in support of White Ribbon Day (25 November)

The Employer of Choice recognises Benetas’ commitment to gender equality and pay equity. It demonstrates that they are a progressive and supportive workplace and that they value their female and male employees alike.

Sandra Hills, CEO is committed to gender equality and pay equity. Since 2015 she has been a Pay Equity Ambassador. Through Sandra’s leadership, Benetas has continued to lead the way as an employer of choice for gender equality. This has seen improvements such as:

  • 50:50 gender balance on the Benetas Board – Benetas recently changed its Board and Selection Policy to set a target that maintains the number of women on the Benetas Board.
  • The positive changes made to the Benetas parental leave policy to provide ‘parental leave of 8 weeks full pay, or 12 weeks make-up pay, whichever is greater.’ This means that Benetas staff get the most beneficial parental leave entitlement from Benetas, in addition to the paid Government scheme.
  • The introduction of paid superannuation on parental leave.

Benetas staff members have access to a range of initiatives which promote diversity and gender equality, including flexibility, paid parental leave (in addition to the Government scheme), career development and study support through the Benetas scholarship program.

The commitment from Benetas to their employees is exemplary – they care about people’s health and wellbeing and invest significantly in their development.

To read more about Benetas and why they are great place to work click here or view all their vacancies here.

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