About us

Working Mothers Connect was inspired by the challenges faced by mums when returning to work after having children.

WMC was created to help remove the stress and uncertainty that so many women experience when facing crossroads in their careers.  A community where mothers who were ready to return to work could connect with one another in a safe and supportive environment. Where knowledge and experience could be drawn upon and shared, and a place where helpful resources could be found for women wanting to take control of their career.


What we do:

  • Advocate: We are a dynamic community with a shared voice, advocating for practical workplace changes that support opportunities for women, and work/family balance.
  • Support: We provide a supportive, active community for women to transition back into the workforce, change career paths or begin their own business.
  • Access: The Working Mothers Connect community supports women by providing access to flexible employment, resources, training, and connects women with equal opportunity companies.
  • Events: Our community members have access to a wide range of events and workshops held throughout the year that cover everything from job preparation, job skills, career paths and initiatives, right through to personal development.
  • Training: We have recently partnered with nationally accredited training providers so our members have access to flexible and focused training opportunities to help improve their current skills, up-skill or assist in changing career paths.
  • Business Mums: The Working Mothers Connect Connectpreneurs initiative is dedicated to supporting women who want to build on or start their own business. Our Connectpreneurs network is fully focused on supporting women in the preparation, launch and operating of their own business. Providing networking opportunity, business building resources, training opportunities and a supportive and motivated community in which to engage.
  • Connect: We have partnered with many progressive companies leading the way in their support of women in the workforce. We are proud to offer the opportunity to build a relationship not only benefits our community members with access to jobs and training through our partners but also benefits the companies through our continual support and promotion of their organisation recognising the importance of equal opportunity and who values the contribution of women in the workplace.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can partner with Working Mothers Connect click here.