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5 Things Australian Mums Are Looking For In An Employer

While there is much focus on the qualities and skills that employers look for in employees, not much is said concerning the things job seekers look for in an employer. But isn’t that just as important?

We often hear women say, ‘I’m just a mum.’ Hold up, ladies – there is no ‘just’ about it.

Any mum will tell you that being a parent is the hardest job there is, and one that equips you with a variety of skills. Combine those with existing skills you developed PB (pre-baby) and you have yourself a serious set of desirable qualities.

Connecting with working mums, or mums looking to re-enter the workforce, on a daily basis has allowed us to understand exactly what women are looking for from an employer.

Below we break it down – and highlight how AustralianSuper, one of our WMC Endorsed Employers, fits the bill.

1. Career Development & Potential for Growth

Working mums are often looking for a place that they can learn, grow, and develop both as a person and as a professional. They might be ‘a mum’, but they also have their own identity, too!

In our experience, women are looking to work for companies where there is purpose and vision, as well as potential to grow.

AustralianSuper certainly offer this – just look at some of the initiatives they’ve got in place!

2. Work-Life Balance

This is a big one for working mums – is the role flexible? Truly flexible? Is there the option to work from home? Can I tailor my hours to suit school drop off or pick up? Childcare?

AustralianSuper recognises that its employees have other significant responsibilities, relationships and roles outside the workplace. They provide room for success in the workplace, but also out of it.

We’ve profiled a number of AustralianSuper employees, outlining exactly how they offer real flexibility to their staff – there’s Claire, Renae, Amanda, Steph, and even Alastair, who share all the ways AustralianSuper’s flexibility works for them.

3. Organisation’s Culture & Work Environment

While job packages or company incentives may be appealing, an organisation’s culture and work environment greatly determine whether or not a mum wants to take up work with them.

Workplaces that provide healthy, positive and encouraging environments, that recognise and value success, tend to attract working mums.

AustralianSuper is not only a Working Mothers Connect Employer of Choice, but also a WGEA Employer of Choice for women. This means they absolutely walk the talk when it comes to female employees.

4. Company’s Values & Vision

A sense of belonging to an organisation that has sound values is incredibly appealing for mums looking to re-enter the workforce or start a new job within a different company.

Mums want to be part of an organisation with principles they not only respect, but also believe in.

And just as they value personal and professional growth, they also value an employer’s growth and development.

Working mums are looking to work with an organisation that is going somewhere; an organisation that has goals and potential.

The vision at AustralianSuper couldn’t be any clearer – better retirement outcomes for their members is the only thing the team care about. Over 2 million Australians have their retirement savings with AustralianSuper. That’s a lot of people! Improving the retirements of that many Australians is  what AustralianSuper is all about.

5. Leadership

An important and valuable characteristic that often gets overlooked is the role of leadership and mentorship to a job candidate. Having leadership or individuals within an organisation who mentor, advise, instruct, and encourage their employees along the way greatly benefits both the culture fit and the role execution of new employees. Job seekers may find themselves more drawn to roles or employers equipped with strong leadership, or even with the potential to develop under a more seasoned individual.

AustralianSuper has leadership in spades. Just look at their CEO, Ian Silk – a male champion of change.

You know what they say – it all starts at the top!

Find out more about AustralianSuper here.