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5 ways to get your resume noticed by recruiters

In today’s competitive job market it is important to put forward a resume that ultimately showcases your skills and achievements in an effective and professional way.

Most employers & recruiters will decide within 5 – 10 seconds if they will go forward with your application. First impressions do count.

This article will present 5 ways to get your resume noticed by recruiters.


1. Tailoring your resume to each application

Having a master resume that you can easily edit for varied roles is ideal. Why? Every selection criteria is different so every resume must showcase those relevant skills. Not only that but so many businesses utilise Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that align keywords from your resume to the job advertisement. If you don’t have those keywords your resume may not get in the hands of a hiring manager.


2. Providing a cover letter

This is generally the first point of contact with a prospective employer. Your cover letter needs to be engaging and show that you have the relevant skillset to do the job. Sending a generic cover letter is a waste of time. Remember to attention your cover letter to the person that listed the advertisement or to the “Recruitment Manager/Human Resources Manager.”


3. Selecting an appropriate resume format that can be easily read

Employers prefer a Chronological resume format. In this type of resume your jobs are listed in reverse chronological order with your current or most recent job first. It often includes a career summary before a list of previous work experience. Education and a key skills summary section are also included in this type of format.

Ensure that your document has white space. It needs to be clear and display simple font and short, sharp bullet points. You should also research your target roles to identify those sought-after skills and ensure that they are made prominent on your CV.


4. Making sure your resume has no grammatical errors

Check your resume to ensure it has no grammatical errors. Utilise spell check and ask a friend to proof read.


5. Listing achievements

Rather than produce a resume that shows your responsibilities as a job description, illustrate your achievements and the accomplishments you have made throughout your career.

Examples of these can be:

  • Ways you saved the company money and examples of how you reduced these costs
  • Examples of any processes you streamlined or implemented that resulted in a successful outcome
  • Special awards or recognitions you have received
  • Problems or issues you resolved


Remember that your resume is your personal brand and needs to remain professional. If you require further assistance with your resume contact the team through our sister company, JustMums Recruitment. They offer a range of packages to support you with your search for employment.