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Broadspectrum celebrate diversity in their company and their inclusive culture.

It’s a startling statistic that more than half of us are not happy in our work, whether that be the money we earn or the meaning we attach to the work we do.

With that in mind it’s hardly surprising that one of the most common New Year resolutions is to get a new job. While some of you may feel you are stagnating in your current role, are looking for more responsibility or a pay increase, others will be considering something all together more radical – a total change in career direction.

At Working Mothers Connect, we align ourselves with inclusive companies that suit working mothers, and can offer career opportunities, job satisfaction and more.

Broadspectrum is a diverse, successful and growing global business. They provide world-class construction, operations and maintenance services to the infrastructure, resources, energy, industrial, transport, property and defence sectors.

And if you’re looking for a fresh career, a new path, or to transition to a company with huge potential, then we cannot recommend Broadspectrum enough. There’s no reason to fear a change in career direction – not when the company is as progressive as Broadspectrum.

Broadspectrum celebrate diversity in their company, encourage personal career growth in their people and make it a priority to integrate their business aims with social value in everything they do.

The fact that they encourage their people (whether you already work for them or would like to) to explore opportunities across different sectors within the business means they are constantly accessing fresh ideas and innovative thinking across the board.

Their strong track record in securing many long-term contracts and multiple contract renewals is a testament to the quality of their people, values and processes.

For you, this means an unparalleled opportunity to work in a leading global organisation that balances business success with a focus on its people and the community as a whole. As well as the chance to work with some of the best in the business, you can be assured of an inspiring, supportive and fulfilling career in a caring environment, that also offers flexibility.

Some things aren’t too good to be true.

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