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Broadspectrum sets ambitious targets for Indigenous hiring

Broadspectrum has long been known for their ambitious push for gender diversity, but recently they have broadened their focus on equality to include an Indigenous hiring target.

The program, which is called the ‘Indigenous Employment Parity Initiative’ (IEPI), will see Broadspectrum aim to employ another 450 new Indigenous employees by 2020.

Although only launched relatively recently, the program is already enjoying considerably success. Project Manager for IEPI, Stephen Mitchell, says that hiring is off to a great start due in part to the support the program is receiving: ‘[So far] we have filled many roles with Indigenous employees. The support and advocacy of the executive and senior management is very strong.’

IEPI is about much more than hiring, though, as Broadspectrum understands that to enable true equality, they need to support employees throughout their entire career. The IEPI program includes support throughout every stage of Indigenous employees’ careers, including unique learning and development opportunities and mentoring.

More broadly, Broadspectrum is also focussed on creating a culture where everyone, including their new Indigenous recruits, can succeed. To do so, they encourage all leaders to continually update their training in diversity and inclusion so that, according to Stephen: ‘[Our leaders and everyone in the company] can value our talented people for their unique perspectives and contribution to our organisation.’

Broadspectrum’s program is part of a wider initiative overseen by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet that aims to improve social equality for Indigenous people through delivering meaningful and sustainable benefits through employment, education and training. In conjunction with other organisations, the overall initiative aims to see 20,000 Indigenous jobseekers employed.

And if Broadspectrum’s success in their gender diversity initiatives is anything to go by, they will most definitely be leading the pack with their contribution to the initiative. Last year, Broadspectrum proudly celebrated the fact that they had met an ambitious goal to grow female participation to 30% within their organisation, a figure 5-10% higher than in comparable industries. They’ve also made leaps and bounds with the creation of scholarships for women studying in fields that complement the Broadspectrum business, as well and sponsoring the Chief Executive Women Leaders program for their fourth year running.

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