Five Reasons Women Should Work In The Oil And Gas Industry

There’s a lot women can get out of working in the oil and gas industry. We outline five of the great reasons below…

You WILL be busy

The world of oil and gas is all about tapping into the world’s resources, and there will always be a need for people to do this, whether it’s for sustainable energy or using the current methods. Technology is constantly expanding in this area, so you’ll always be learning new things. Even if resources ran out a year from now, you’d have loads of transferrable skills you could transfer onto new and developing areas of the industry.

There’s plenty of various work surroundings

When you think of the oil and gas sector, oil rigs offshore and using heavy machinery may come to mind. For some, this is a perfect work environment (especially if you hate office life) with lots of variation. However, many jobs in oil and gas are based in labs and offices, so you have a good choice of which work environment you prefer, which a lot of jobs can’t offer.

Tech, tech and more tech

The industry uses the most up to date state of the art technology to get top results. You’ll always be learning new methods of technology and how to utilise it in the best possible way. By developing your knowledge as you work in the sector, you’re constantly adding new strings to your bow.

Your educational background could be more useful than you think

Due to rising apprehensions over sustainability, the industry needs as many people as possible to suggest how to continue to get fuel for this planet. If you’ve come from a background of environmental studies, you could easily work in this sector. It’s an issue that’s never going to disappear, and solutions need to be reached as soon as possible.

Training opportunities and other benefits

The oil and gas sector is rife with training and development opportunities. Many employers provide excellent training for their staff because they want to keep their talent. A lot of employers will also offer other perks such as bonus schemes, good pension plans, private healthcare and dental care, childcare support and more.

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