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Flexible work benefits everyone #FWD2019

Today is flexible working day – an international day to celebrate and showcase the many benefits of flexible work for both employees and employers. The day also marks a call to action to #TackleFlexism.

We have heard many stories from our community of mums, but a common theme we hear the most is the lack of flexible work options and support from employers.

In December 2018 our sister company JustMums Recruitment surveyed over 500 women to determine their employment preferences and experiences as working mothers. The results were quite alarming; of those surveyed, 73% wanted to change roles due to the lack of flexibility and 41% were looking to change jobs within a 6 – 12 month period.

It is more important than ever for employers to offer non-monetary benefits such as flexibility in order to attract and retain talent, but also to stay competitive in today’s market.

When it comes to offering flexibility, it’s not a one-size fits all solution. Organisations must be willing to accommodate individual needs into flexible working arrangements. These can include part time hours, job share, remote working, compressed weeks, flexitime and fulltime flexibility. Talking openly to your team about flexibility is key.

The Benefits:

Flexible working doesn’t exclusively benefit the employee. There are business benefits too:

Happier Employees:

Employees that are offered flexibility are generally seen as happier and more positively engaged workers.

Staff Retention:

When given the trust and autonomy to work flexibly, you will find employees tend to be more loyal.

Higher Productivity:

Just ask Perpetual Guardian – After running an 8 week trial in 2018 where employees worked 4 days but were paid for 5, the results sent shock waves around the world. Work life balance improved from 54% to 78% and the trial had no negative impact on staff fulfilling their weekly duties.

Increase your talent pool:

When you can advertise that your business offers flexible working arrangements, you become a more attractive option for prospective talent. You put your business in a position to attract candidates that perhaps you wouldn’t have been able to hire otherwise.

Appeal to a new generation:

Flexible work isn’t only for parents considering their family obligations, 47% of Gen Y and millennials in Australia are also choosing flexibility over an increased salary to achieve a better work-life balance.

Working Mothers Connect – Advertising Platform

At Working Mothers Connect our goal is to partner family friendly employers with mothers seeking flexibility. Since July 2018 we have acquired further resources in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which has significantly increased job seeker awareness, companies advertising roles and social media engagement.

At the beginning of 2019 we also re-launched the New Zealand platform, in which we see huge potential. We are continually developing and establishing positive relationships with both employers and mums in the wider community.

Working Mothers Connect proudly partners with some of Australia’s largest family friendly organisation’s including Broadspectrum, IAG, Apple, BVT Professional Services and AustralianSuper - all of which offer impressive benefits including flexible working arrangements.

If you would like to discuss how our businesses can partner together please contact the team at or alternatively you can visit our website to view our advertising options