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Flexible working is key to attracting and retaining a talented workforce

Why flexible working?

People are key to the growth and success of any business so attracting and retaining talent is fundamental. Employee recognition is a powerful tool and when delivered well, it builds a productive, hardworking culture by increasing employee engagement and well-being.

Not only can flexibility give employees the autonomy to balance other commitments including child care, managing time for hobbies, studying, volunteering or staying active, it is also linked to better mental health outcomes too, according to a joint study conducted by the University of NSW, The Black Dog Institute and the National Mental Health Commission.

What is flexible working?

Flexibility in the workplace is defined differently by everyone, what works for one person may not work for another. The key to success is to ensure that it is tailored to the individuals in the workforce and that they have the option to choose what is important to them. 

Flexible work arrangements can include remote, part time hours, job share, compressed weeks, flextime, fulltime flexibility or allowing your employees the ability to design and schedule their rosters.

The Statistics

In order to stay competitive in today’s market, flexible working is becoming the new normal with 87% of businesses in Australia introducing a flexible work policy or plan to adopt one. According to IWG, 84% of Australian workers would choose a job which offered flexible working over a job that didn’t, and almost a third of people value being able to choose their work location over an increase in holiday allowance.

The new generation value flexibility and work life balance over salary. In another survey conducted by Ernst & Young, almost 80% of respondents aged between 28 – 35 desired to work remotely.

How to develop a flexible working policy for your organisation

It is recommended that organisations have a formal flexible working policy in place. It’s important to streamline the process so that employees can easily apply for and record their flexible work arrangements.

Find out more by visiting the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s website and their blog – Developing a flexible working arrangements policy here

How Working Mothers Connect can support your talent acquisition strategy

Working Mothers Connect proudly partners with many organisations in both Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to partner family friendly organisations with our community of over 30,000 women seeking flexible opportunities.

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