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IAG offers a national school holiday care program for their employees

IAG is one of the first organisations to introduce a complimentary national school holiday care program for its Australian employees. The program highlights IAG’s commitment to creating a fair and inclusive workforce where their employees feel supported.

It was identified that access to affordable childcare was a major barrier to their female employee’s participation, retention and career advancement. In 2014 they introduced the Kids@IAG offering in their Melbourne offices to best support parents around the school holiday period. After the successful pilot they now offer the program in their Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Parramatta, Perth and Sydney offices and are exploring options to expand in other locations. The program is open to children aged between 5 and 12 years.

IAG partners with Guardian Early Learning who offer high quality childcare. Guardian embrace the Early Years Framework through contemporary meaningful play-based learning where children are guided by their natural interests, curiosities and inquisition.

As you could imagine this program is incredibly popular and is highly utilised nationwide. Demand is high and is offered on a first come, first serve basis, however IAG do encourage parents to only book the days they absolutely need so the benefits are shared amongst all employees. The Kids@IAG program is free for staff. After each program they choose a charity relating to children’s wellness and encourage parents to donate $5 per child, per day or as much as they can, passing the benefits on to the wider community, whereby IAG matches the donations to the dollar.

From an employer’s perspective this initiative has helped retain and attract talented women.

“With most employees having four weeks of annual leave available each year and the school holidays being around 12 weeks, it just makes sense as an employer to support our people and look at how we can help them over that eight week period.” – Morgan Carkeek, Kid@IAG Specialist.

Employees we liaised with at IAG told us that this program was a point of difference for them when accepting the role. See below further reviews:

 “I am not aware of any other large organisation that offers on site vacation care funded by the employer and embraces and supports families as much as IAG. As a result, I have become a strong advocate of IAG.” – Parent Feedback, Spring 2018.

“I couldn't have imagined my situation without the Kids@IAG program. It really enables me to concentrate on my work without worrying about what my kids will do in the holidays.” – Parent Feedback, Spring 2018.

“When I talk about Kids@IAG to friends and family we all realise this company is streets ahead in attracting staff. Massive help for staff with young families goes a long way to ensuring uninterrupted progress in our roles within the organisation.” – Parent Feedback, Winter 2018.

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