Looking for a career change in 2018?

A fresh new year is synonymous with fresh starts, and this often includes something that takes up a big chunk of our lives; work.

If you’re looking for a career change in 2018, it’s important to know some key features to look for from an employer.

 We break down a few areas you may find important from your new employer.

1.  A strong supportive culture

We’re not talking about the superficial cultures that have become increasingly popular and are defined by having Ping-Pong tables and beer kegs. A truly strong culture offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees’ efforts, and ensures that employees know their work is meaningful. AustralianSuper offer flexible work arrangements that are only part of their award-winning strategy towards gender equity.

2.  Professional growth is a priority

Instead of growing employees' skills to match the company’s needs, great companies look for ways to grow the company based on employees’ passions. They continually ask employees what they are interested in doing and how they would like to see their career unfold. AustralianSuper’s new London office puts them closer to the world’s largest emerging market economy, while continuing to build and offer local jobs in Australia.

3. A diverse workplace

One in 10 working Australians are with AustralianSuper. So AustralianSuper have a simple aim - to have a workforce as diverse as they are. They practice diversity every day – it’s not just a catchy buzzword they use; they believe it, and they do it.

4.  Work that is challenging and requires you to grow

People inherently want to be challenged so they can continually grow and learn new skills. Great companies expect their employees to rise to challenges and be completely engaged.

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