Working In Hospitality & Events: 4 Things To Consider

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in hospitality and events? Here are five of the most important things to consider….

Working in hospitality can be challenging but also rewarding. Along with greater flexibility, a career in hospitality and events will give you the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life and use your creativity to solve problems and plan long term strategies.

Hospitality and events is also one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing service sectors.

If you think a career in hospitality might be right for you, here are some of the most important things you should consider… 

Working hours

If you’re not a 9-5 type of person and don’t mind working evenings or even nights, then a hospitality job may suit you quite well. Hospitality jobs are fast-paced and generally involve longer working hours, but the upside is that there is also a great deal of flexibility in terms of when and how many hours you want to work, so you’ll usually be able to settle into a working pattern that suits your lifestyle.

Job description

The hospitality and events industry is quite diverse and jobs range from entry level positions to front desk to senior roles. Keep in mind that even if you start in an entry level position, there is always room to move up the ladder as you gain more experience. And regardless of the job you start out in, many of the skills you’ll gain, such as multitasking, customer service and team working, are transferrable, which makes it easier to move between jobs within the industry.

Work environment

The type of environment you enjoy working in will influence the sort of job you choose. When working for a larger company like ICC Sydney, you’ll likely have just one specific job to focus on, whereas smaller independent companies may expect you to be more flexible and take on numerous responsibilities. One thing you can always count on in the hospitality industry, though, is that you’ll be working in an engaging, sociable and multi-cultural environment.

Necessary skills and qualifications

Some of the soft skills you’ll need to work in the hospitality sector include flexibility and creativity as well as interpersonal and communication skills. Leadership skills are also highly valued, especially if you intend to pursue a position in management.

Although most entry level positions allow you to learn on the job, gaining a relevant qualification in hospitality and events will give you an edge once you start applying for jobs and could even help you start off at a higher position.


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