Why this organisation is a great place to work:

At Broadspectrum we are proud to provide innovative solutions to clients across the Defence, Property, Social, Infrastructure, Resources and Industrial sectors. Our ability to combine market leading processes, an embedded culture of safety and social responsibility, skilled workforces and a state-of-the-art technology platform allows us to partner with clients to generate true short and long-term value. Our clients see us as a trusted partner capable of managing and growing their business collaboratively.

Our origins began in June 1956 when we were founded as The Transfield Group. In October 2000, Transfield Services was established to focus on operations and maintenance projects, and infrastructure assets. In October 2015 we rebranded and are now called Broadspectrum; our new name reflecting the broad range of essential services that we provide to clients across multiple sectors. Since 2016, Broadspectrum has proudly called itself ‘a Ferrovial company’. Ferrovial is a Spanish infrastructure and municipal services operator. It partnered with Broadspectrum after recognising our shared values and paralleled history. Ferrovial is a known thought-leader in its fields: services, toll roads, construction and airports. Its organised innovation pathways see thousands of people working to create new and exciting developments.

We have now grown to over 96,000 people working across 18 industries and 24 countries within Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Americas, providing world-class facilities management, logistics, consulting, operations, maintenance, well servicing and construction services.

At Broadspectrum, we recognise that our people are our greatest asset. Many of the skills that they bring can be applied across multiple sectors and service lines, offering an endless array of career paths and opportunities. We celebrate diversity in our company, encourage personal career growth in our people and make it a priority to integrate our business aims with social value in everything we do.

Our ongoing success depends on all those who are part of the Broadspectrum community - that’s why our biggest priority is to offer our people challenging, diverse and long-term careers in a safe, supportive and rewarding environment.


What some of our employees say:

"The diversity of our team is a big part of our success – we’ve got people from a whole lot of different cultures and walks of life. It fosters mutual respect, and getting on well means we also work better as a team with all sorts of skill sets and experience to draw from. Getting on well makes the work easier, like a sports team that knows what their teammates are thinking – things just flow. Broadspectrum is also a big company that feels small, in a good way, due to the sense of community. I even had the CEO of Easternwell give me a call when I had to take time off for a personal emergency. It gives me everything I look for in a job." Jeremy Paii, Derrickman

Employee Benefits:

  • Flexible work options
  • Job share
  • Parental leave
  • Study assistance
  • Diversity targets


  • Elevated RAP status