Delivering technology for * Iconomy fulfilment takes a sharp team. Localz team are innovators in last mile solutions for logistics, retail and field services.

Made in Melbourne Australia, sold globally Localz make last mile innovations work in the real world at scale for enterprises. We are experts in location and mobile technology. With an agile mentality we  integrate our cutting edge technology with enterprise legacy environments to enable delivery of products and services first time.

Localz Products

Collection - Click & Collect, Pick up and drive through.

Field Services-Improving first time access rates with real-time messages

Delivery- enabling more first time delivery through location and messaging technology.

Localz lead development team is in Melbourne, Australia, our enterprise experience is complemented with digital native graduates from top universities across the world. This team circulates with our London based team sharing global experience of enterprise systems. Our expertise in UI and design, mobile technologies, location technology and the latest development languages is translated into our last mile solutions.

*Iconomy is a shortening for the Individual Economy. The connected consumer expects:

What I want, where I want and when I want it.

Customers demanding precise times for deliveries and services. That doesn’t necessarily mean right now, but they want to not just know but see and check the progress of a delivery or technician.. Today’s customer wants to be in control!

This new economic reality of heightened consumer expectation is the Individual Economy - or Iconomy for short.