Law Squared

Law Squared is changing the way in which lawyers engage with clients and the way in which they provide legal services. We believe that there is a better way for the provision of legal services and that clients, regardless of size and worth, deserve a better experience and relationship with their lawyer.

We believe in collaboration, not competition. We believe in advancing and protecting the interests of you and your company. We believe in being proactive, not reactive. In all the work we do, we look to square the circle. That is, taking your most complex and intricate legal issues and solving them.

We partner with you, acting as a sounding board in your day-to-day business decisions on legal and non-legal matters. Taking an entrepreneurial approach to the provision of legal services, we offer a model of partnering with our clients as risk advisers to protect them against future risk and to advance their business.

This is the greatest value we, as lawyers, can add to our clients and their business.