10 countries, 25,000 people, endless opportunity

Broadspectrum provides innovative solutions to clients across the Defence, Property, Social, Infrastructure, Resources and Industrial sectors. Our ability to combine market leading processes, a culture of safety and social responsibility, skilled workforces and state-of-the-art technology allows us to partner with clients to generate true short and long-term value. Our integrated approach ensures that our clients benefit from sustainable performance, integrity and output of their assets, and that they see us as a trusted partner capable of managing and growing their business collaboratively.

At Broadspectrum, we recognise that our people are our greatest asset. Our ongoing success depends on all those who are part of the Broadspectrum community. That’s why our biggest priority is to offer our people challenging, diverse and long-term careers in a safe, supportive and rewarding environment.

Careers with the freedom to grow and develop

At Broadspectrum, our people and the paths they have followed are the best example of our commitment to diversity in career opportunities. Rather than pigeon-holing our people, we proactively nurture and support staff who wish to shape their own careers through seeking new challenges and skills. By offering a range of roles across countless industry sectors and service lines, our employees are able to follow their own path to define the most meaningful career for them.

If you’re looking for a career that encourages constant personal growth and progression, see how Broadspectrum can support you in tailoring your career.


Our commitment to Indigenous participation

Broadspectrum has made a significant commitment to working with Indigenous Australians by providing assistance with education and employment opportunities. Our Indigenous Participation Approach aims to deliver meaningful cultural recognition, employment, education and training opportunities for Indigenous people and their communities.

Broadspectrum launched our first Indigenous Participation Strategy in 2007. In 2009 we achieved a key milestone when Australia’s then Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Julia Gillard, launched the Broadspectrum’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). As leaders in taking action towards reconciliation, our 2012-2014 RAP has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia as an Elevated RAP. Our proven track record includes the following:

  • 4.5 per cent Indigenous employment, compared to a national average of 1.7
  • Implementation of Indigenous Participation Plans at 40 contracts
  • Investing in the local community, with 88 per cent local employment and 76 per cent local procurement
  • Human resource procedures updated to support Indigenous employment and retention


Providing opportunities for people with a disability

Our focus on equality and diversity means that as well as supporting many organisations that assist people with disabilities, Broadspectrum has also made a long-term commitment to employing those with disabilities across many of our projects. We are also committed to providing work experience opportunities for students with disabilities.

Gender equality

A proven commitment to equality for all

Broadspectrum has a proven track record for creating a diverse workforce, with gender equality being a cornerstone. For many years we have recognised the importance of diversity and made a big commitment to ensuring equal opportunity throughout all areas of our business. We are proud to say that many of our positions of leadership are held by women, and we aim to ensure females in the business are empowered to achieve their highest potential here. We encourage women of all ages and experience to discover how we can support you in every way.

Fast facts

  • In Australia, 4.5 per cent of Broadspectrum employees identify themselves as Indigenous Australians, compared with 2.5 per cent of the general population
  • 42 Maori cadets in New Zealand recruited, trained and up-skilled in the electrical services and telecommunications businesses since 2012
  • Broadspectrum Subsidiary Easternwell has an Indigenous employment rate of 8 per cent
  • Broadspectrum will contribute funding to a Manus Province Pilot Malaria Project Feasibility Study. This project works alongside a broader malaria control program that aims to eradicate the disease in Manus within 15 years
  • 92 per cent of Broadspectrum New Zealand employees work locally to where they live
  • Broadspectrum’s subsidiary Easternwell has supported more than 110 local communities with monetary donations through their Community Grant program
  • The Roads Transport business recycled 35,925 tonnes of residue by-product for use across 40 per cent of Auckland Transport’s broader South Auckland Corridor Maintenance Network