Executive Assistant for ground-breaking charity 10 hours a week

  • PartnerSPEAK
  • Clifton Hill VIC, Australia
  • 05/07/2019
Casual Administration & Office Support

Job Description

*MAGICAL* Old-school secretarial powers combined with modern G-suite & smart phone wielding 

Casual, 10 hours/week, $36/hour, flexible hours and location

Some on-site hours by negotiation (especially initially) but much potential for remote working

You are so onto it, it seems like you are not even there but magically:

  • My inbox is in order and there are fewer than ten unread emails,
  • My most important tasks for the week flash up on my devices at just the right time,
  • My interstate travel is booked weighing up best value with convenience and booking details appear magically just as I need to check-in, at the airport,
  • My two mobile phone, smart watch and PC are all synced,
  • My contacts are annotated with important information,
  • I do not have a pile of receipts that I do not know what to do with,
  • My important emails are Boomeranged back to me at the right time encouraging me to reply in person to important contacts


Assertive and confident: 

  • You will tell me what is achievable each week in the hours (and I will listen),
  • You are willing to make a decision and act if you are 80% sure it is correct,
  • You assertively nag me regarding tasks that need to be completed or people that need to be responded to (Yes, Nat, Now!) and are not backwards in coming forward when you note ways I could improve my practice,
  • You are confident to communicate with people in high levels of public office, media and the like,
  • You have the ability to 'fake it, until you make it,' 
  • You are instinctively frugal and always ask for a discount, refund or solidarity/charity rates whenever you have the chance.

A secretarial super star:

  • You have a involuntary, visceral response to seeing that I have 1856 emails in my inbox and you get immense satisfaction when that number is down to zero,
  • You have at your finger tips my preferences for when I fly, what days I can't take late appointments and the days I start later after child care drop off,
  • You know what is your job, what is my job and when to email our book-keeper, office manager or bring in another member of staff.

Technologically savvy:

  • You are intimate with the G-suite including Gmail, Boomerang and Drive and are excited to tell me about capabilities that I am not using,
  • You are happy to switch between different phone interfaces or to quickly Google something you don't know.

Relationally robust:

  • Other members of staff and stakeholders are happy to help when  you ask them because of the relationships you have developed,
  • You are strategic and shrewd and get past the gatekeepers; any time we have a generic email address or switchboard phone number on record you are able to secure the direct line and email of the person I need to liaise with,
  • You instinctively build informal partnerships and can garner goodwill and informal, in-kind support.

SOME OF MY FLAWS (not an exhaustive list)

  • I always have at least twenty tabs open on my computer at any given time and am working on at least as many tasks,
  • Almost all my emails start with, 'I'm sorry I have taken so long to get back to you...'
  • I hand things over verbally and give too much information at once and expect people to keep up.  I will assume you are following up on everything that has been discussed,
  • I am terrible at giving positive reinforcement and compliments,
  • I am the opposite of details oriented,
  • Sometimes I do not give enough direction/instructions/information and assume you can read my mind (you will need to ask for clarity and to ask me to slow down)
  • I use bad clip art in recruitment posts.


  • The baseline I start from is trust.  Trust has to be unearned rather than the other way around,
  • I offer staff enormous autonomy and opportunities disproportionate to their role and I do not micromanage,
  • I fight for flexible work places vocally internally and externally; I genuinely respect your non-work life and am open to negotiating unusual work patterns,
  • I hold myself to high account,
  • I instinctively offer opportunities for learning and growth; I used to work in adult education and I can't help it.  I seek out people's strengths and work with them,
  • I am generative and innovative; there are always interesting things going on around me that are exciting to be a part of,
  • I share the wins and try not to have much ego.

Quote from my temp EA:

" You walk in the door at PartnerSPEAK  and you feel like something is getting done.  There are no roadblocks and Natalie offers the opposite of micromanaging. "


PartnerSPEAK's offices are in Clifton Hill, the 86 tram stops at our door.  You will need to be available for face-to-face meetings from time to time especially initially for handover but this job can probably be worked 75% remotely.  

While there is flexibility in when the hours are worked there needs to be some crossover with my own hours.  I work Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.