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3 ways to progress your career this year that aren’t simply ‘getting a promotion’

Often, when people talk about ‘career progression’ they really just mean getting promoted, which is a shame – because there are so many other ways to progress your career! As women, ‘progression’ can mean any number of things, and it’s time we embraced that.  Whether you want to start exploring different career paths, take a break from the workforce, start your own business, or simply garner a deeper understanding of your current profession, ‘progression’ really means anytime you learn more about yourself and your goals, and start moving towards them. 

So for those of us out there that want to progress our careers this year in ways that are not simply getting a promotion, here’s 3 ways to do so:

Grow your (female) network

Everyone knows that networking is important, right? You get to meet people, which in turn leads to more opportunities.  You also get to hear more people’s stories, which can help you clarify your overall direction.  However, research shows that it’s not only important to grow your network, but more specifically, you need to grow your female network.

Why, you ask? Because when women are surrounded by like-minded women, they are more likely to succeed. So whatever form of progression you’re after this year, having a group of like-minded females to support you will no doubt help.

Learn more about the complexities of women in leadership

Even though we’d all love for it to not be the case, unfortunately women in any kind of leadership position – whether it be an executive role or as a small business owner -  still face challenges that our male counterparts, on the most part, do not face or understand.  If you’re an aspiring or current female leader of any type, it’s always useful to understand these challenges, but more specifically, how other women overcome them.  Doing so can help you get clarity on what your next move should look like (for example, if my organisation is not supportive enough of my requirement for flexibility, should I move to an organisation who is?). 

Be inspired by someone that has been there, and done that

Leadership of any kind can be a lonely journey, and sometimes it’s easy to feel as it no one understands you and it’s all too hard.  A great way to overcome this is to be inspired by others who have been there and done that.  Speaking directly to other women who have been in your situation can inspire you to better understand your challenges and how to overcome them to move your career in the direction you want. 

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