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83% of mothers are seeking a flexible working arrangement - to win the war on talent, employers need to come to the party.

Our sister company, JustMums Recruitment, recently surveyed over 550 women to determine their employment preferences and experiences as working mothers.  

The results indicate that flexibility is the deciding factor above every other decision-making criteria– including pay.

Of those surveyed, 73% wanted to change roles due to the lack of flexibility and 41% were looking to change jobs within the next 6 – 12 months.

Over 83% of mothers are actively looking for a flexible work arrangement, and 38% are only seeking part-time opportunities.

Accommodating the needs of mothers is a major step employers can take in an effort to attract and retain female employees. If flexible schedules are denied, you risk losing talented and trained staff, along with valuable time and money replacing them.

The survey also confirms that discrimination against working mothers is still a key issue in today’s society.

Over 45% of respondents felt they were discriminated against, with 14% of those during pregnancy.

44% had not addressed this discrimination with their employer, fearing they would lose their jobs.

How you treat working parents is an indicator of how you treat talent in general, especially in the eyes of prospective employees. Working mothers who feel supported and valued will most likely stay with a company long term and be strong contributors to the organisation.

Working Mothers Connect proudly connects family friendly employers with mothers seeking flexible opportunities. If your focus is on increasing women’s participation rates, broadening your advertising or being seen as an employer of choice for working women, our platform will definitely accommodate your needs. You can view our employer packages here.

Alternatively, JustMums Recruitment is a full service recruitment agency working in partnership with employers of all shapes and sizes to connect them with their extensive talent pool of working mums. You can find out more about their agency and service offering here.