We started with a simple idea – to allow companies to replace paper staff records with electronic records in the cloud. Then we got creative. Working alongside industry leaders to develop industry specific HR record keeping solutions and have created a number of specific strategic partnerships and sub-brands.

For HR managers and company owners, a DiffuzeHR solution is more than just software. It is a process whereby their employees and managers can record and monitor staff performance and meet industry standard requirements in record keeping. One of our flagship products is ChildHR, a solution specific to the Childcare sector.

Benefits of DiffuzeHR:

  • Minimise your risks
  • Reduce your legal bills
  • Decrease your admin time
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Leverage best-practice expertise
  • And, do it all easily

Today over 200 establishments throughout Australia who are employing over 5,500 people, are using one of our applications.

All in all, DiffuzeHR is a very small change in the way our customers do things for a massive return: hours of time, thousands of dollars, and complete peace of mind!